11 April 2016
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Promoted best sommelier in the last international competition held in Tokyo, Paolo Basso is a recognized expert, specialist in rare wines and positioned in the high level end. He travels the world in search of new spirits and discovers each day the most remarkable wine cellars as each other.

 For true wine lovers, there always comes a moment when the bottle rack in a corner of the basement is not enough. Nowadays, a cellar must be not only a place where wine matures and where you can taste, but also a place where style and function are in perfect harmony.


Paolo Basso presents in his book « Sommeliers’ Heaven – The greatest wine cellars of the world » some of the most modern and remarkable wine cellars in the world: private coolers,  basements of large traditional wineries, restaurants  private areas……

 Among his selection, 3 of the most beautiful achievements are signed by  WineMaster and one of them even has the honor to make the cover of the book.. They were designed by our talented partner
 Focus Wine Cellars.


Sommeliers Heaven – The greatest wine cellars of the world


French – English- German Edition
Paolo Basso
Edited on October 29th 2015  Braun Publishing
304 pages, 581 pictures, 68€

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