IN50+ ambiance

Wine IN50+ Air conditioner

The quietest air conditioner on the market

  1. Equipped with an  “Energy Saver Motor” fan
  2. Noiseless functioning thanks to new materials
  3. 30% lower energy consumption compared to the standard air conditioners
  4. Discrete installation


All the WineMaster assets combined with a noiseless functioning allow Wine IN50+ to answer all requirements. This model air-conditions up to 50m3*.

*insulation is the most effective  thing , click for more information

Product Description

 Wine IN50+ advantages

Complete equipment

  • Equipped with an ENERGY SAVER MOTOR, a rotary compressor and a reaction turbine for important energy savings.
  • 2 speed motor rate operated by the thermostat
  • “Brushless ” : motor with an electrical efficiency  over 90%
  • Anti vibration system through elements mounted on rubber shock absorbers
  • Air flows inside the cellar : 437 m³/h in full speed rate
  • Electronic thermostat with digital touch and high performing
  • Standby mode  :cold production can be stopped manually 
  • Ecological refrigerant gas R407C  CFC free
  • Easy maintenance with a single filter to be replaced once a year (front drawer dust  )
  • Automatic condenser air flow depending on outside  temperature
  • Supplied with  1 length straight insulated duct  (length  950 mm – ø 160 mm) and   2 crossings ducts with shutter valves on blowing
  • For an easy installation,  the air releases are back shifted for both suction and blowing nozzles : 10 m maximum length in straight line for the 2 ducts

An optional installation kit is also proposed:

  • 2 straight duct length with muff of 2000 mm – ø 160 mm
  • 2 fixing collars 
  • 2 bends  90°with muff

Additional Information


Air conditionner


1200 W


50 m3

Dimensions H x L x P (mm)

500 x 1044 x 428 mm


53 kg

Power supply

230-240V – 50Hz

Sound Level

50 dB


2 years