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11 April 2016
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A « wine cellar for everyone »

Keeping wine in a cellar has been obvious for long. But now new technology is changing the situation: display cabinet, shelf with mirror … Today both individuals and professionals can store their wines while ensuring optimal storage space.

Wine storage outside the wine cellar

It is essential for the conservation of the wines to maintain a temperature around 12-14 ° C and a relative humidity of 60%. These parameters must be created artificially for wine storage outside a wine cellar.. The insulation is a key factor in any successful installation. From walls to the ceiling, the floor and to airtight door, insulation is essential.

Well keeping his wines in a flat

The air conditioners for rooms are very special because they do not dry the air. WineMaster is one of the leading manufacturer  offering this service with a range of reliable and high quality products.

For installations in a flat, consider using your ceiling rather than drilling walls. Particularly for the installation of air conditioners. This trick can save you from burdensome administrative procedures.

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