The WineMaster advantages

Easy installation

One of the WineMaster advantages consist in it’s easy installation on a wall or on the floor in an insulated area,  away from light.  A single electric outlet is all you need.

Easy to use

With WineMaster, no useless gadget. Efficiency and reliability are the keywords for our air conditioners. Moreover,  they are fitted with interchangeable dust filters to be replaced once a year. 

Peaceful atmosphere

Particularly silent fans and acoustic foam keep the units very discrete.

Ecological efficiency

All our conditioners WineMaster run on R404A or 407C ecological coolant CFC free. These gases give the compressor greater power while reducing the space required and controlling electrical consumption.  The compressor’s cooling capacity also helps to increase its life span.

Unusual durability

The choice of very high quality components and separate inspection at every stage of manufacture (produced in France) ensures that WineMaster air conditioners are exceptionally reliable.  With all the qualities of  WineMaster air conditioners you can invest in relatively young wines which will improve with ageing,  for your greatest satisfaction.

Anti-vibrations system

Vibrations alter the quality of your wine and this is why all moving parts are mounted on rubber shock absorbers which absorb the vibrations.  For the windows solutions,  the wooden frame enables the stability of the air conditioner. Thus,  the selected hardware insures a quiet functioning.