Wine storage

The secret of the optimal storage to ensure the stability of your wines!

Wine ageing is dependent on the temperature. An ideal temperature is around 10 to 12°C. If the temperature is too high,  the will age faster and its evolution will be twisted.  If instead the temperature is too low,  the wine ages more slowly.  But it is variation or the lack of variation that is the most important thing to keep for ageing the wines.  IF the temperature is too high,  the taste of wine can be altered.

The WineMaster air conditioners keep the temperature between 8 and 14°with an electronic thermostat and an efficient air mixing system. The different regulation systems especially developed for the WineMaster air conditioners maintain the temperature inside the wine cellar with more or less 2°C. This slight variation increases the temperature of the wines from 0, 2 to 0, 3°C, which is insignificant. This stability is due to the thermal inertia of wine and bottles.

« No Frost » technology or  « ventilated cold » of the  WineMaster air conditioners contribute also to the temperature stability in the wine cellar.  The distribution of cold air improved by the continuous air movement allows a rapid return to the selected temperature.  The variations are thus small and in addition there is no air stratification.