With Hygromaster, set the perfect humidity level for your wine cellar.

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The Hygromaster® Solution

WineMaster® air conditioners maintain optimum humidity levels for proper preservation of wines. However, lack of moisture, which can change depending on region, season and weather, may harm them. That's why Hygromaster is the perfect solution to provide moisture to cellars which need it.

Ideal environmental conditions to preserve your wines
Quiet operation

A Perfect Complement To Your Winemaster® Air Conditioner

Understated and discreet to fit your wine cellar, Hygromaster's built-in connection make it easy to install. It is designed to be as easy to use as possible, and that is why it has just one operating setting. Hygromaster is ready to be connected to the 20 liter reservoir (supplied).

Humidification Capacity
18.2 g of water/h at 12°C
Power Used For Humidification
45 W
Dimensions W X H X D (MM) Without Reservoir
258 x 140 x 166 mm
Power Supply
230-240 V - 50Hz
Warranty Period
2 years

Distilled Water Required

The water level in the 20 liter cylinder must be checked periodically. Make sure to use only distilled water.