WineMaster connect your connected wine cellar

Thanks to WineMaster Connect, you can remotely control the settings and ensure that your air conditioner is working properly. Monitor and modify the main operating parameters in real time and be alerted to any drift.

The benefits of WineMaster Connect






Optimise the conservation of your wines

Optimise your wine storage with the WineMaster connect application. Monitor the temperature and humidity levels in your wine cellar and be alerted if there are any abnormal variations.

You can define several profiles with different settings depending on the storage needs of your wines.

Finally, you can share your cellar’s technical data with your friends and family, so they can follow the progress of your wine cellar.

Real-time statistics

Keep track of your wine cellar statistics in real time. From the application, you can display a graph showing the variations in temperature and humidity over 12 hours, 1 week or 1 month. This makes it easy to see how your wine cellar’s parameters are changing and to detect any abnormal variations.

Remote supervision

With WineMaster Connect, you benefit from remote supervision in the event of an incident or breakdown. If necessary, you can contact your installer, who will be able to supervise your wine cellar remotely for the duration of the maintenance. To do this, the installer will provide you with his email address, which you will need to enter in the application to authorise him to supervise your wine cellar. The installer will be able to monitor the parameters of your wine cellar and intervene to solve the problem.

Winemaster Connect connected box diagram

Be warned so you can react better in the event of a breakdown

You’ll be alerted in real time if your wine cellar breaks down or malfunctions. Thanks to the box connected to the air conditioner, you can measure the parameters of your wine cellar and receive an immediate alert in the event of a breakdown. You can react quickly to prevent any damage to your wines.

If technical intervention is required, you can invite your installer to connect to your machine to carry out a diagnosis. Thanks to this feature, you benefit from a fast, efficient maintenance service.

A simple box and
you’re connected!

With WineMaster connect, monitoring your wine cellar has never been easier! Simply plug our connected box into your air conditioner to enjoy real-time monitoring of your cellar. WineMaster connect is compatible with WINEOUT25X and WINESP80DUPRO2 air conditioners.

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Remote control box

Control your wine cellar easily with the WineMaster connected box! Connect it to your air conditioner and enjoy real-time monitoring of your wine cellar from your smartphone.

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Remote maintenance subscription

108 € TTC /year

Gain peace of mind with the WineMaster remote monitoring subscription ! Thanks to our remote monitoring solution, you can follow the progress of your wine cellar from your smartphone. Receive real-time alerts in the event of a malfunction and benefit from remote technical assistance.