Wine ARM15 X

A wine cellar in your own style

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A Centerpiece For Your Home

The Wine ARM15 X air conditioner was designed to fit discreetly into your wine cabinet, keeping your wine cellar in your own style. You can have it as a centerpiece in your home decoration.

Conditions up to 15m3
High-performance built-in thermostat
Ideal environmental conditions to preserve your wines
Quiet operation

Winemaster Efficiency

The unit is silent (36 dB), and providing acoustic comfort, low energy consumption, reliability, condensate evaporation, control via wired thermostat, the Wine ARM15 X comes with leading-edge technology to meet all your needs.

Up to 15 m3
Cooling Capacity
500 W at 15°C
Dimensions W X H X D (MM)
885 x 424 x 317mm
31 Kg
Power Supply
235 V - 50Hz + 3 m de câble
Noise Level
36 dB
Warranty Period
2 years

Simple To Maintain For Longer Service Life

Proper maintenance of the air conditioner is important: cleaning the dust filter is easily accomplished, since it can be accessed is right from the cabinet, and removing the filter doesn't require any specialized tool. Additionally, the filter is supple, so it is easy to replace even in a cramped location.