Wine OUT25 X

Silence, performance and savings

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Design, silence and discreet

Wine OUT25 X offers a discreet air conditioner version with a different design and ever increasing performance. The air conditioner is installed outside your cellar, it allows you to air condition up to 25m3 and benefits from many advantages such as silence and energy savings.

Conditions up to 25m3
Ideal environmental conditions to preserve your wines
Quiet operation

Always more silence always more discreet

In addition to its innovative design, the Wine OUT25 X, because of its external installation, is very discreet. Only the ventilation grids are visible in your cellar.

Air conditioning capacity
Up to 25 m3
Overall dimensions (mm)
511 x 661 x 493mm
40 Kg
Electrical supply
235 V - 50Hz + 3 m cable
Sound level in the cellar (outside the cellar)
48 dB à 1 m (40 dB à 3 m)