Your wine and spirits collection will be showcased, and technology as efficient as it is will be discreet.

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Discover the WineMaster ceiling light

The WineMaster range has been designed to provide an optimal air conditioning solution to the cellar of your dreams. Thanks to a constant temperature and a preserved humidity, your wines flourish throughout the year in a wine cellar under the best conditions.
The WINESP40CE is integrated into the ceiling, and will watch over your wines whatever the season.

Conditions up to 40m3
High-performance built-in thermostat
Ideal environmental conditions to preserve your wines
Quiet operation

The new generation

Keeps cellars at a constant temperature of between 8 and 18 °C. Excess humidity is condensed and evacuated towards the outside. Rubber shock absorbers are incorporated, creating an anti-vibration system, and regulation by remote wired electronic thermostat
This Wine SP40 has a washable air filter and automatic defrost.

3 models, for 3

This SP40 is available in 3 versions : only the indoor unit differs : ceiling version (CE) this model ! wall version (DU), and version suitable for cabinets or small spaces (CA). This model must be installed by a professional.